The Feeling of Freshness for January 1st

imageThere is something crazy about a day where people choose to “change” their lives for the better on a planned day. For many people, it is a great time to enhance their life by changing what they eat, what hobbies they do, what they want to accomplish in their job, etc. I was there last January 1st, 2015. My weight was a problem that I had struggled with for several years. My high school career was dominated by football. Practice and working out every single day. To keep up growth, that required me to eat a lot of food. There I was. 250 pounds with more fat than muscle. “New year. New beginning.” That’s how they say it. I made it my goal to lose weight and feel better about myself for that whole year. I managed to get my weight under control and I have reached a confident level in that area of my life, but looking back at it, it was an extremely dumb thing for me to focus on something so materialistic and worldly. I fully believe in a healthy lifestyle physically for sure, but there is a fine balance between healthy and a insane love for your body. To sum that up, there has to be something deeper than just shedding 10 pounds for someone to accomplish in a year. For me, I want to focus on something more meaningful and real to me. I’m a people person. I like hanging out with my friends, going out to eat with them, watch movies, and other activities that aren’t worthy of mention. We as humans thrive off interaction with other human beings. Relationships. In life, one of the scariest things out there is feeling like you don’t have anyone on your bench. No one rooting for you. No one to have your back. I think friendships are a beatiful thing because it involves more than just one person trying to achieve something. Just like working out, it helps to have a partner. Going through life with friends and family who have your back and will be there for you is something special because they can always boost you back up once you fail. And you will. Whether that be someone taking you through it or them helping you do something, that encouragement should mean the world to you. I was at a get together with some friends a couple weeks ago and one of my friends said,” you’re an ass.” to put it nicely. That clicked something inside of me. Just like the time around New Years celebration, you look back and evaluate what you have done in a certain time period. I knew it. I was being mean, in a joking way, but the principle is still there. I wasn’t being the friend I needed to be. Since then I have been trying to work on it and today, January 1st I think that I am ready to take the next step and really start to dial in on that for this upcoming year and part of my life. I am still going to mess around with my friends. I will say things that may hurt them, but 1. They are my best friends so I’m sure they will have a pleasant response to me and 2. Our generation is becoming too soft with them not being able to take the heat. That’s how my friendships work with them. That’s how a vast majority of guys interact with their friends. Adding in another aspect, I want to be available to my friends with whatever they may need my services for. I’ve made relationships with some of my friends that I belie will never end. They will carry on to the day we get to walk through those pearly gates. I know that I can rely on any of my brothers to have my back for whatever I need and I trust them with that. Can they rely on me? That is the question I ask myself a good majority of my life. Thus far in life, I have learned a special trait which is putting forth effort and meaning into whatever I am doing. Sometimes that didn’t involve meaning in my relationships with people around me. Starting now, I would love to see a deeper, fuller part through my friends and families. Hopefully one day I will be able to fully achieve that. I have hope. As long as my loved ones are near me supporting me and vice versa. As we start another year in this confusing life, I urge y’all to look back and see what you can change to further advance you. See what’s hurting you and change it. See what’s helping you thrive and run with that. Find your closest friends and don’t lose them.


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